"Remind" is a great way to connect and stay connected with all of the W.H.S graduating classes. Because Mrs. Minnick does not have Guidance Classes, this route of communication is a very resourceful way to get information or reminders out to each high school student without having to call down every single group as information needs to be expressed. 
-This way of communication for Mrs. Minnick is ONLY used when needed to reach out to the graduating classes as a whole. If Mrs. Minnick would like to reach out to an individual student, she will do so in person during school hours. 
-If a student is not already signed up with Mrs. Minnick's Remind, please see the attachment of each graduating classes form with information on how to sign up. When signing up, please make sure to sign up with your correct graduating class (year), for ex: Seniors will sign up with the 2019 graduating class form. 

Please see Mrs. Minnick with any questions.

Please refer to this link for your graduating class code to sign up with Mrs. Minnick's Remind. 
scan_minnicks_2019-04-02-13-37-07 (1).pdf