My Role as a Junior

OK Juniors, this is the year when you are going to really begin to think about what you would like to do after high school. Below is a list of activities you will or have the opportunity to participate in to prepare for your senior year. Any questions or concerns, please see Mrs. Minnick.

College/University visits to W.H.S w/ Mrs. Minnick
Credit Check with Mrs. Minnick 
FAFSA workshop (You can begin this process or just learn about what you are going to have to do when you are a senior)
SAT's (Please see Mrs. Minnick before signing up)
ACT's (Please see Mrs. Minnick before signing up)
Keystone Exams (Algebra, Biology, Literature - one or more if needed as per individual) 
Dual Enrollment (To think about for Senior Year)
AP Classes (To think about for Senior Year)
Scheduling with Mrs. Minnick for Senior Year
Summer College visits with family or research possible schools you may like that also have the field you are interested in.