My Role as A Freshman

Congratulations, you are officially a part of the high school and have ventured across the street! :)  Throughout this school year, you are going to be acclimating yourself to new things such as a brand new building, new teachers, and a new schedule.  You will find there is a new level of freedom as well as a new level of academics for you to become accustomed to.  During this school year, all freshmen will attend a Carbon Career and Technical Institute tour, participate in one or more Pennsylvania Keystone Exams needed, and have the opportunity to attend extracurricular activities/groups such as SGA, or INTERACT as well as choose a schedule for the 10th grade, rather than it solely be made for the student.  Please remember that this information is provided only as a reference, so please come and see me or contact me with any questions or concerns.  Below is a short list of the required responsibilities a student in their freshmen year will come in counter with.

Carbon Career & Technical Institute presentation and tour (CCTI)
Pennsylvania Keystone Exams (Algebra and/or Biology)
Scheduling for 10th grade with Mrs. Minnick