Weatherly Area Board of Education

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2024 Board Meeting Schedule

Weatherly Area Board of Education Members 

Mr. Kenneth Jacoby, III, President[email protected]
Mr. Thomas J. Connors, Jr., Vice President[email protected]
Ms. Nancy Mulvaney, Treasurer - [email protected]
Mr. William Knepper, Member[email protected]
Mrs. April Walters, Member[email protected]
Ms. Bonita Barbush, Member - [email protected]
Mrs. Barbara Sipler, Member -  [email protected]
Mr. Tyree Harris, Member -  [email protected]
Mr. Ryan Binder, Member -  [email protected]
Mr. Daniel Malloy, Superintendent[email protected]
Mrs. Leann Sites, Business Manager - [email protected]
Atty. Christopher Slusser, Solicitor  - [email protected]
Atty. Jeff Rockman, Solicitor - [email protected]