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Awards and Achievements

Awards and Achievements

Carbon-Lehigh Sum Dog Competition

Students from Weatherly participated in the Carbon-Lehigh Sum Dog Competition a few weeks ago.

  • Kayla Jones finished in 1st place, answering 951 math questions correctly!
  • Madisyn vonFrisch was 4th place, answering 876 math questions correctly!
  • Michael Berger was 9th place, answering 816 math questions correctly!


In Photo, L to R:  Front row - Michael Berger, Madisyn vonFrisch and Kayla Jones.  Back row - Mrs. Slavick, Elem/Middle School Principal, Mrs. Leach, Sum Dog Coordinator, Mr. McLaughlin, Superintendent

Weatherly Students Compete in MATHCOUNTS

Students at Weatherly Area Middle School competed at the 2015 Anthracite Chapter of MATHCOUNTS Competition. The competition was held at the Penn State Schuylkill Campus. Approximately 80 individuals and 9 teams participated in the competition.


The school placed 2nd in the team competition. Katie Graham placed second in the individual competition. Having placed in the top four, Katie will represent Weatherly at the State competition in Harrisburg on March 28th. Also placing in the top 12 were, Jeremy Moser, fourth; Lilly Newton tenth; Nikki Polivka, eleventh and Owen Stewart, twelfth. The other students who represented Weatherly were Calista Kuhl, Anthony Maguschak, Samantha Paisley, Mason Podgers and Alexis Wilkinson. The team was coached by Mrs. McAndrew, 8th grade math teacher.

Annual Geography Bee

The annual geography bee was held at Weatherly Middle School on December 17th.  After seven preliminary rounds, a semi-final and final round, Toriana Rizzo was named "School Champion". She will now enter the next round of competition in hopes of being one of the top 100 scorers in Pennsylvania, allowing her to participate in the state Geography Bee in the Spring.

Second place honors went to Hannah Stefansky and third place winner was Lillian Newton. The top ten finalists included Jeremy Moser, Kaileigh Barnes, Caleb Schock, Kevin Michaels, Ashton Gerhard, Joshua Andreuzzi and Kevin Osifat. Kevin Osifat received special recognition for answering all seven of the preliminary questions correctly!

In Picture, from left to right:  Toriana Rizzo, Lillian Newton, Hannah Stefansky, Kevin Osifat and Mrs. Slavick, Middle School Principal

Johns Hopkins Talent Search (Grades 7-8)

Weatherly Area Elementary & Middle School recently announced its students that qualified for the Johns Hopkins Talent Search.  To be eligible, students must score Advanced on both their Language Arts and Math PSSA tests.  Pictured are 7th and 8th graders: (L to R) Front- Alexis Berger, Rachael Caccese, Elijah Derr, Girard Fewins, Ashton Gerhard, Kenneth Hinkle, Kara Hogue, Benjamin Howard, Zane Klynowsky, Michayla McPeak, Abigail Milore, Kaelin Onimus.  Second Row- Nicholas Pleban, Ryan Schertrumpf, MacKenzie Sherman, Vanessa Stubbs, Kaitlyn Torgersen. Kaileigh Barnes, Nicholas Berger, Arlene Connors, Frank Fiol, Kathleen Graham.  Third Row- Sanannah Jamgochian, Rosemarie Kramer, Calista Kuhl, Anthony Maguschak, Jeremy Moser, Lillian Newton, Kevin Osifat, Samantha Paisley, Laila Panckeri, Anika Parsons.  Fourth row- Megan Peifer, Alicia Penning, Nikki Polivka, Mason Podgers, Toriana Rizzo, Hannah Stefansky, Owen Stewart, Kayla Summa.   Missing from photo is Justin Wyffels and Matthew Zubick.

Johns Hopkins Talent Search (Grades 5-6)

Weatherly Area Elementary & Middle School recently announced its students that qualified for the Johns Hopkins Talent Search.  To be eligible, students must score Advanced on both their Language Arts and Math PSSA tests.  Pictured are 5th and 6th graders: (L to R) Front- Nariana Cordoba, Gavin Bradley, Abigail Hinkle, Alexa Hoppes, Mason Jones, Jash Khatiwala, Gianna Lowman, Timothy Maguschak, Rhianne Markovchick, Jessica Moser.  Second Row- Richard Ray, Abraham Selby, Sarah Sopko, Mason Stewart, Luke Derr, Jaiden Evangelista, Holly Gehman, Ashley James, Kyle Michaels.  Third Row- Nicole Osifat, Skyler Provizzi, Kelly Royer, Isabella Wagner.  Missing from photo is Jordyn Shupp and Ethan Broskoskie.

WAMS Students Place First in eCybermission Compettition

Last year’s top Pennsylvania team in 6th grade again won top honors in the state this year at the 7th grade level. As first place state winners, Nicholas Berger, Jeremy Moser and Nikki Polivka will each receive a $1,000 savings bond.  The team continued their research on composting from their work last year, experimenting with decomposable material within the district such as food scraps from the cafeteria, sawdust from the shop class and shredded paper from the school’s recycling bins.

The eCybermission competition is a web-based Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics competition for 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th grade teams. Each team proposes a solution to a real problem in their community. Teams choose to solve the problem by using either the scientific method or an engineering design, and they record all their data in a mission folder.  Each step must be completed in the mission folder, which includes the problem statement, the experiment or design, research, and the conclusions/solution of the team.  This year over 29,000 students registered for the competition! The list of state winners is on the eCybermission website:

7th Grade Photo, L to R:  Thomas McLaughlin, Superintendent; Nikki Polivka; Jeremy Moser; Nick Berger and Sandra Slavick, Middle School Principal

WASD Students Represent at PMEA District 10 Bandfest

Seven 5th and 6th grade students represented Weatherly Elementary/ Middle School in the PMEA District 10 Elementary Bandfest on Friday, April 25th at North Schuylkill High School.  The festival was a one day event with students from Berks, Carbon, and Schuylkill counties participating.

Pictured from left to right are (1st Row): Lilli Kunkle, Olivia Hirko, and Rachael Caccese, (2nd Row): Mackenzie Sherman, Amanda Colecio, Alianna Hernandez, and Elijah Derr.  Amanda Derr and Shannon Shughart are their band directors.



Weatherly Students Compete in MATHCOUNTS

Students at Weatherly Area Middle School competed at the 2014 Anthracite Chapter of MATHCOUNTS Competition.  The competition was held at the Penn State Schuylkill Campus.  Approximately 75 individuals and 9 teams participated in the competition.


The school placed 4th in the team competition.  The students who represented Weatherly were Jesse Gehman, son of Steve and LeeAnn Gehman; Katie Graham, daughter of Donnell Stump and Dennis Graham; Marie Gunderman, daughter of Donna and John Gunderman; Joel Hinkle, son of David and Kimberly Hinkle; Sami Knepper, daughter of Melissa and William Knepper; Vicki Luckwaldt, daughter of Richard Luckwaldt and Annamarie Moran-Luckwaldt; Jeremy Moser, son of Tara and Chris Moser; Lilly Newton; daughter of Christine and Richard Kropp and Bruce Newton; Mason Podgers, son of Christa and Dean Podgers; Nikki Polivka, daughter of Rhonda and Nick Polivka. The team was coached by Peggy McAndrew, 8th grade math teacher.


MATHCOUNTS is a national math enrichment, coaching and competition program that promotes middle school mathematics achievement through grassroots involvement in every U.S. state and territory.  After several months of coaching, participating schools select students to compete individually or as part of a team in one of the more than 500 written and oral competitions held nationwide and in U.S. schools overseas. Winners at the local level proceed to state competitions, where the top 4 students and top coach earn the right to represent their state or territory at the national level. At all levels, MATHCOUNTS challenges students' math skills, develops their self-confidence and rewards them for their achievements. The Pennsylvania Society of Professional Engineers sponsors the Anthracite Chapter of the MATHCOUNTS competition.


Pictured(L to R) first row: Lilly Newton, Katie Graham, Nikki Polivka, Mason Podgers, and Jeremy Moser second row: Marie Gunderman, Samantha Knepper, Joel Hinkle, Jesse Gehman and Vicki Luckwaldt.


Middle/High School PTA Reflections Winners

The following Weatherly students were winners at the local level of the PTA sponsored Reflections contest. PTA Reflections is a contest that allows students to use their creative talents by expressing themselves through their own original works. This year’s theme was, “Believe, Dream, Inspire.” The students created projects in the categories of literature, photography, visual arts, and musical composition. Their entries advanced to the next level of judging.

Pictured are Weatherly middle/high school students who won locally.  (L to R) Front- Laila Panckeri, Elijah Derr, Kathleen Graham, Julia Hinkle, Mason Podgers.  Second Row- Nikki Polivka, Kayla Craver, Melissa Hollrigl, Kimberly Ray, Samantha Knepper.  Third Row- Summer Peck, Olivia Winheld, Katlyn Sernak, Emily Plitnick, Michael Matirko, Lynn Gunderman. Missing is Kelly Fisher and Lynea Reiner.


Anthony Zinskie Wins Weatherly Geography Bee

Weatherly Area Middle School hosted the National Geographic Bee on December 18, 2013.  Only one student, Anthony Zinskie (8th grade) answered every question in the preliminary round correctly and he continued to win in both the final and champion round to be the school champion!  Winning all the preliminary questions has only been done by one other student in the history of the Geography Bee at Weatherly.


The championship battle was not easily won, however.  Jeremy Moser (7th grade) and  Adam Fagner (8th grade) were both strong contenders for the championship.  At the end of the competition, Jeremy took second place and Adam took third place.  In addition to the top three winners, the following students were the winners in the preliminary rounds:  Rosemarie Kramer, Kevin Osifat, Katie Graham, Nikki Polivka, Marie Gunderman, Frank Summa and Johnathan Arthur.

In Picture, L to R:  Mrs. Slavick, Principal, Jeremy Moser, Anthony Zinskie, and Adam Fagner

Students Participate in 2014 National Radon Poster Contest

Four students from Weatherly entered the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) 2014 National Radon Poster Contest.  Each student received a backpack and ruler for participating in the contest. (L to R:  Katie Graham, Ethan Broskoskie, Alyssa Heister,  Holly Gehman, Mrs. Lenhardt)

2012-2013 Middle School Principal's Honors

Students at Weatherly Area Middle School who received Principal’s Honors were Samantha DeSpirito, Katie Graham, Mason Podgers, Jeremy Moser,Samantha Paisley,Anthony Maguschak,DanaWeiss, Joel Hinkle, Morgan Gower, Angela Grega,Nick Berger, Hannah Stefansky, Alexis Wilkinson, Emily Zoscin,Nikki Polivka and Samantha Knepper.

2012-2013 Middle School Highest Averages

Students at Weatherly Area Middle School who received the Weatherly Area Education Association highest honors were, from left: Morgan Gower, eighth grade; Samantha Knepper, seventh grade, and Nikki Polivka, sixth grade.

"A Day Made Better"


"A Day Made Better"- Office Max "A Day Made Better" award was given to Mrs. Peggy McAndrew this week. She is the eighth grade Math Teacher at Weatherly Middle School. Office Max helped teachers and schools secure the supplies they need to succeed since 2007.  Mrs. McAndrew received $1,000 worth of school supplies!

WASD Students Complete "Tech Wizards" Program

Weatherly Area Middle School students Samantha DeSpirito and Morgan Gower recently completed a 5-session training called "Tech Wizards" at the CLIU 21 in Schnecksville.  The program, which lasted throughout the school year, was made up of 5 trainings on emerging technologies.  The students' job is to then share that new knowledge with their peers and teachers.  The Eighth graders were accompanied by Computer Science teacher Mr. John McGee.  Pictured are (L to R) DeSpirito and Gower.

WASD Reflections Winners

Several students from Weatherly Area School District were named Council level winners for the 2012-13 Reflections Contest.  Pictured are: (L to R) Front- Karoline Hirko, Olivia Hirko, Amanda Colecio.  Back Row- Kelly Fisher, Dylan McDonald, Abigail Ormiston, Lynn Gunderman.

2012 Geography Bee Winners

On December 19, 2012, the National Geographic Geography Bee was held at Weatherly Area Middle School.  The participating 7th and 8th grade students competed in seven preliminary rounds of questions relating to World and US Geography.  The top ten finalists were Gary Buck,  Anthony Zinskie, Traig Dempsey, Edward Gerhard, A. J. Knepper,  Evan Kunkle, Chris Martens, Morgan Gower, Matt Holland, and Lynn Gunderman.  After the semi-final and final rounds, Chris Martens won third place, A. J. Knepper won second place and Evan Kunkle was the Weatherly Area Middle School Champion.


Evan completed a one-hour written examination to determine if he will be a state competitor for Pennsylvania. The top 100 Pennsylvania contestants will be announced in early March of 2013.  All school winners are eligible to win the national championship and its first prize, a $25,000 college scholarship, at the national competition May 20 – 22, 2013 in Washington, D. C.


In Picture, Left to Right:  Chris Martens, A. J. Knepper, Evan Kunkle, Mrs. Slavick, Elementary Principal

WASD John Hopkins Qualifiers: 5th and 6th Grade


Weatherly Area Elementary & Middle School recently announced its students that qualified for the Johns Hopkins Talent Search.  To be eligible, students must score Advanced on both their Language Arts and Math PSSA tests.  Pictured are 5th and 6th graders: (L to R) Front Row: Alexis Berger, Elijah Derr, Girard Fewins, Ashton Gerhard, Alianna Hernandez, Kenneth Hinkle, Michayla McPeak, Kevin Michaels.  Second Row: Nick Pleban, Ryan Schertrumpf, MacKenzie Sherman, Haley Gerhard, Nick Berger, Kathleen Graham, Savannah Jamgochian, Calista Kuhl.  Third Row: Jeremy Moser, Kevin Osifat, Samantha Paisley, Megan Peifer, Mason Podgers, Nikki Polivka, Hannah Stefansky, Alexis Wilkinson.



WASD John Hopkins Qualifiers: 7th and 8th Grade

Weatherly Area Elementary & Middle School recently announced its students that qualified for the Johns Hopkins Talent Search.  To be eligible, students must score Advanced on both their Language Arts and Math PSSA tests.  Pictured are 7th and 8th graders: (L to R) Front Row: Jillian Bartel, Gary Buck, Adam Fagner, Shannon Frye, Marie Gunderman, Joel Hinkle, Sarah Howard, Samantha Knepper, Victoria Luckwaldt, Zachary Moon.  Second Row: William Bachart, Breena Coxe, Samantha DeSpirito, Morgan Gower, Richard Grenet, Keith Gunderman, Madison Hartz, Hayli Heister, Jacqueline Henry, Joelene Hunsinger.  Third Row: Zachary Kalinowski, Morgan Kipikasa, Evan Kunkle, Chris MacNeal, Chris Martens, Kaitlyn Miller, Kim Ray, Lynea Reiner.  Fourth Row: Autumn Shoener, Rashelle Tiglio, Avery Vizentine, SDana Weiss.  Missing from photo is: Zoe Downs, Marty Cichowic, Ivy Dennebaum.

Highest Average Awards

During the Weatherly Middle School awards ceremony, The Weatherly Education Association presented a plaque to the student in each grade (6th through 8th) who attained the highest average in their grade.  Pictured are (L to R) Mrs. Joan Falatovich representing WEA, Samantha Knepper, Morgan Gower, Alexis Hartz.