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Required Immunizations

7 months ago

Required Immunizations

The Pennsylvania Department of Health establishes guidelines for all students regarding immunization requirements. New regulations were implemented in March 2017, beginning the 2017-2018. 

Students have a provisional enrollment of the first 5 days of school, in order to complete all required immunizations or a parent or guardian must provide a completed medical certificate indicating the dates immunizations will be received.  

The new guidelines do not change the requirements allowing a child to obtain an exemption from immunization requirements for either religious or medical reasons. 

For entrance into kindergarten the following immunizations are required:

  • 4 doses TDap, 1 dose given on or after the age of 4
  • 4 doses Polio, 1 dose given on or after the age of 4
  • 3 doses Hepatitis B
  • 2 doses MMR
  • 2 doses varicella or evidence of immunity

The TDap and meningitis vaccine are required for students entering 7th grade.

 A second Meningitis vaccine is required to students entering 12th grade. Your school nurses will communicate what your child may still need for school enrollment.