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Hydroponics Lettuce

For a project for the eCybermission program, Nikki Polivka, Jeremy Moser and Nick Berger, 8th grade students at Weatherly Middle School  grew lettuce in a hydroponics bay to test whether plants in soil or in water grow faster. The students look the lettuce grown in the hydroponics bay (which did grow faster)  to the local food pantry, "Shepherd House". Provisions for an Easter dinner, including the lettuce, were distributed to needy families last Saturday.

After we finished delivering the lettuce to the Shepherd House the students were asked them if they were ready to pack up the hydroponics bay for the year and they said they want to try to grow another batch of lettuce for the Shepherd House before the school year ends!

On Tuesday, March 24th, "Home and Backyard" producer Doug Engle and host, Paul Epsom, filmed a segment about the project which will air this coming Saturday at on WNEP! Here is their website:


Credit: Stephanie Grega for the Journal-Herald newspaper

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