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Hour of Code 2016 at Weatherly Area School District

The Hour of Code, a one-hour tutorial on computer coding, was a great success again at Weatherly Area School District!  Students in Mr. Pino’s class, at the high school, were coding throughout the day with a variety of activities on the Hour of Code website (!  Mr. Pino’s students have participated in the Hour of Code in the last few years, and as high school students, they were more familiar with computer coding, but most of the 3rd grade students  in Mr. McGee's class  were learning to code for the first time! Mr. McGee’s 3rd grade classroom learned to code with characters from Disney’s “Moana”.  His class was “live” on Facebook for parents to enjoy watching their child’s new experience learning to code!

Mr. Boock will be hosting over 140 middle and high school students on the  Hour of Code website in the next few weeks.   He had great success introducing students to the world of computer coding last year, and this year he believes it will be even better! His classes will be coding with Moana: Wayfinding with Code, Minecraft Hour of Code, Make Music with Scratch, and Gumballs coding adventure!  For more information about the Hour of Code, or to try learning to code, please visit the Hour of Code website listed above!