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Application Materials

about 1 year ago

Application Materials

What you need to include when applying for a job with Weatherly Area School District.

All applicants must include the following items in their application package:



As of April 1, 2007 anyone hired by a PA school district needs to submit an FBI fingerprint clearance. Please see for further information about obtaining your FBI Federal Criminal Activity Report.

Employee Portal Tutorial

about 1 year ago

Employee Portal

Employee Portal Tutorial


  • All employees of the district (No exceptions)

Video Demo:

Information for Everyone:

  • The Employee Portal offers an employee information, pay stub viewer, pay calculator, message center, other related sites, and absence information.  Time sheets will soon be entered through the portal as well.
  • The Employee Portal is taking the place of paper pay subs, paperwork used for submitting vacation, sick, personal, field trips, TIME SHEETS COMING SOON, etc...  You should now enter this information online.
  • Enter a valid email address that you utilize often (preferably the district email) during first login.
  • By providing good email address you can now request a new password through the portal.  This helps users to not rely on anyone to keep reseting passwords.
  • Username and first password can be received by the Human Resources Department or the Technology Department.
  • Days, separate from sick days (Besides doctor appointment), should all be enter in advance.


  • Stay on top of approving your staff members absence requests and potentially time sheet approvals.
  • When an employee places an absence request you will get an email with a link to an area where you can deny or approve the request.
  • Teachers and Support staff are only allowed 3 employees off in a day in each department. The supervisors need to call Human Resources and ask if there are 3 employees out already. If there are the supervisor has to deny the request. If there are not it can be approved.

Support Staff (Maintenance, Cleaning Staff, Secretaries, Teacher Aides)

  • Computers in the district will have the guest account enabled.  After you have access to this computer you will be able to log into the Employee Portal to enter your request for time off and to potentially enter time sheet information.


  • If a substitute is required for your absence you still need to call a secretary as well as enter the online request.


  • The on call secretary should keep a list of each person out and what sub they brought in.  This information should be then shared with Teresa so she could double check the system.
  • The on call secretary also needs to make sure that the absent employee submits their request online.  It is necessary because the on call secretary needs to utilize the online portal to enter the substitute that was brought in for the absent employee.
  • Emails will come to all secretaries but only the on call will need to worry about it.
  • On call secretaries need to notify other buildings about what sub is coming in for absent employee.


  • View video of the employee portal above to see how to access your pay stubs.